About Marin Mineral

Minerals have been a passion of mine since I first bought a small amethyst cluster at a local flea market when I was 7 years old - I have been involved in collecting, trading, and/or dealing minerals ever since. I started my company Marin Mineral in 1999. I provide fine mineral specimens to collectors and offer high quality minerals of a wide variety of species with an emphasis is on aesthetic and/or unusual specimens and gem crystals. The minerals presented on this site are accurately described and photographed to the best of my ability - my goal is for the customer to receive a specimen that looks the same in hand as it does on the screen. Using my many years of experience with minerals, I provide my customers with the finest and most interesting minerals at the best possible prices. I purchase collections, from a few pieces to entire collections. If you are a collector interested in upgrading or selling your collection, please feel free contact me with any questions regarding the sale of your minerals.

I graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Biology, including courses in Geology and Oceonography at the Scripps Intitute in Oceonography. Besides minerals, other interests include travel (trips to Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Panama, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, and Singapore), surfing, fishing, skiing, wildlife, and freediving. I live in northern California with my wife Cassie among the redwood forests of Marin County.

  Here's a picture of me field collecting in New Mexico back in 1970s.

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